Karen Fron

DID, B.A., B.Ed

Karen Fron Interior Design | Calgary

Karen started her design career 20 years ago and still passionately believes that everyone deserves to have a beautiful and functional home. She is personally drawn to creating warm interiors with natural materials and an abundance of texture, while always understanding the reality of good design and family life.

Graduating with a diploma in Interior Design, Karen then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. After a two-year teaching contract in Toronto, Karen realized that designing was her true calling. She settled in Thunder Bay, Ontario and ran a very successful home-decorating store for many years.

Along with the day to day operation of the store, Karen was a sought after consultant and did many speaking engagements. She was often sourced as an industry expert by newspapers and magazines, as well as a regular design commentator on CBC radio.

Since 2010, Karen has been working in Calgary specializing in residential, light commercial and retail design. Her keen understanding of the principals of design and her natural instinct in all matters of taste and style have won her clients across the city.

When not busy with her design business, Karen likes to explore the outdoors with her husband and three boys.

Debra Blake


If there’s a stack of design books, a pile of luxurious fabrics and a do-it-yourself project on the go, then you know Debbie is nearby. Her love of design and artful living is evident in the way she lives her life.

Debbie graduated from college with a diploma in marketing. She began her career working in fashion retail and transitioned to home staging. The design-emotion relationship has always been an interest of hers.

One of Debbie’s favourite sayings is that ‘ugly costs just as much as pretty’. She feels that there’s no excuse for not living in a home that’s serene, pretty and functional. Cushions on the sofa, baskets with books, a pretty throw, and a vase with live branches will elevate any space to designer pretty.

A master at hanging art, Debbie can create gallery walls that leave clients speechless.
She has a unique ability to capture the essence of the homeowner, and give them a space that is truly reflective of them. She appreciates whimsy, and can create a room that is at the same time elegant, yet playful.

Debbie has lived in many different styles of houses across Canada and the United States. She’s been able to turn every one of those into a beautiful home where her family has thrived. Mother of two lovely girls and one super creative son, Debbie’s favourite time is when they all gather together at the dinner table and enjoy one of her gourmet meals.

Taegan Rubert


From the time she was a little girl, Taegan was interested in colour, design and making things pretty. It’s no surprise that she ended up at ACAD majoring in Design. Her favourite class is art history. She hopes to do some travelling through Europe and Asia as a practical end to her eduction.

Taegan believes that beauty in life is important. She knows that people feel better when they slow down, appreciate life and feel comfortable in their surroundings. Handcrafted items are important to her design aesthetic. Taegan would rather see a piece of child’s art framed than something that was mass produced. She knows that the positive energy that something made with love gives off, is necessary to our wellbeing.

Taegan enjoys the peace and tranquility of nature. She is an accomplished yoga instructor and teaches several classes a week.