Family Reunion Leads to a Guest Room Refresh

Custom designed headboard sets the stage for this nurturing retreat, featuring a Gresham House chair with custom draperies.

There’s nothing like knowing company’s coming to make you want to freshen up your guest room. We’re having a family reunion this weekend and my mother-in-law decided that she wanted to spruce up her bedrooms and add a few little touches to her place.

Since it was a rainy morning, I thought I’d head to the shops, make up her beds and then be back and in my gardens by after lunch when the sun came out. That would leave the evening to do the blog.

Ha Ha…why do I always think these things are going to be so easy??? We ended up eating supper at her place so I could start pulling it all together. I told her I was going to blog about our decorating adventure today since I was so wrapped up in it.


It was just after breakfast when I left for the bedding stores to find something fresh and fun. Since we were doing the guest room, we thought we might as well do her room too. Sound familiar? Once you get going it’s hard to stop.

Her favourite colour is blue, so I started thinking denim with a hit of a bright.  I chose this plain soft grey coverlet for the bed and a beautiful denim and coral patchwork quilt to layer at the end of the bed.


Then it was off to three more stores to find co-ordinating pieces to really bring it all together.  It’s important to not have everything match perfectly as this tension is what provides depth and interest, although it adds several hours on to the shopping trip.

Notice how the coral stripes are slightly darker then the sheet set and a little more orange than the quilt set. Together it all works beautifully.


I think that each room in a home should have a unique feel, but it also must have some elements that harmonize. When it all works together it even looks great tossed in one big pile.


For the master bedroom we chose a softer white coverlet for the bed and a layering quilt that features some different shades of coral and green. The reason I liked this pattern is because it has a splash of blue.

It’s always important to me as a designer to incorporate colours and furnishings that the homeowner loves. Because the master bedroom is right off the living room (which is done in cream, deep coral, orange and grey), we couldn’t go all blue in the bedroom as it had to tie in.


This bedding has it all – the right colours to co-ordinate with the living room AND a touch of blue.

And here’s a photo as we’re trying out the new bedding. The hairy cushions were a hit and even my boys thought they were cool.  Although they repeat the sheet colour, their texture gives that unexpected pop.

I’d love to show you the end result, but guess what??? We didn’t get finished!!!

The bedding still needs to be pressed and we need to pick up a few more fills to put in the shams and I need one more fun cushion for the guest room. Thank goodness we have until Thursday.

I want to leave you with some pretty bedroom inspiration, not just jumbled pics of my harried day, so here’s a few professional pics of bedrooms we’ve done in the past. If you didn’t see our twin room transformation, you need to check out Twin Bedroom Gets an Update.

bright colours add just the right touch to offset the existing wallpaper

custom headboard and swing arm lights add style to this master bedroom

custom headboard in lush velvet contrasts nicely with plaid cushion and lamp from Banff Springs hotel

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