Hip Interior Design is Embracing 16th Century Old Dutch Masters

.Prime Walls is featuring paper that is dark and moody

There’s a trend developing in the design world that started last year at hipster flower shops. Well… it didn’t exactly start there. As a matter of fact, it can be traced all the way back to 16th century paintings.

Young, hip urbanites are borrowing from the Dutch Masters and embracing this artfully imperfect style.

Flower arranging was once considered an ‘old ladies’ past time. Nowadays its all the rage and the styles are large, grand and each blossom is important to the whole.

Dutch Master style taught at flower school


Seems we can’t get enough of this new style. Pictures of flowers are all over Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

There’s definitely a movement of homeowners and designers embracing the look.

Working everyday in the design field, I get to see first hand how styles cross over. In the spring I attended a workshop put on by Prime Walls and was smitten with their wallpaper styled after the Dutch Masters.

Prime Walls Dutch Master collection

Prime Walls

A few weeks later, I was sourcing fabric for a client and what do I come across? This beautiful fabric by Nicolette Mayers done in the style of the Old Dutch Masters.

And then again shortly after, I ran into this Alhambra Fabric that was stunning.  The dark blue background gives it a bit of edge and makes it a little different.

Be it floral arrangements, wallpaper or fabrics, this is one style that has been resurrected from the past. Dark backgrounds, loads of imperfect, swooping blooms and intense colours are really having their day…again.

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