Quick and Easy Elegant Christmas Decor

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Just one month away…I guess it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. So there’s shopping, baking, party planning, wrapping and decorating to get done. Well I can’t help you with the baking or wrapping, but I do have a few ideas for quick and easy decor that will look smashing.

Firstly, I really dislike putting away a lot of everyday things…who has that much extra storage room? So what I like to do instead, is decorate on top of the everyday decor. Just blend it all together. Also, I’m not all about spending a ton on decorations or making it look too Christmasy…yes there is such a thing.

What does look nice are a few fun touches, and decorations that have meaning. And if that means macaroni tree ornaments that the kids made, then I’m all for it. Now is the time to haul out those hand knitted Christmas bells and the toilet paper nativity set made in kindergarten (yes my sister really made it and we still have it).

The key to making it all work is balance. Scroll on down for Christmas Decorating 101.

Add Christmas Cushions to mix with the Everyday Ones.

Red velvet cushion mixed in with everyday cushions for a Christmas look

Red Christmas plaid cushion combined with everyday leather cushion


Add Sprigs of Greenery to Vases and Bowls

holiday decor with vase of evergreens on white shelf

bits of Christmas greenery beside a Lladro figurine

mother of pearl bowl with christmas greens and pewter baubles

Use either real greens or best quality artificial. We like to mix in Christmas baubles and if your greens are good, you can pick up inexpensive baubles to toss in. Below we’ve used our favourite electric candles in a wicker basket with artificial greenery and acorns.

Candles and evergreens placed in a wicker tray

For A-One-of-A-Kind Look, get Creative and Add your Own Touch

decorating the inside of a door for Christmas

handcrafting a christmas bow for post of a stairwaytying together greens, ribbon and bauble for a handmade Christmas decor item

A Few Little Decorations in a Powder Room is All That’s Needed

angel placed in elegant powder room for Christmas decor

elegant powder room with evergreens and gold bauble on chandeliers

Sometimes Simple is Best

red berry christmas wreath on glass wall

Use Left Over Bits and Pieces to Fill Small Bowls and Vases

craft work table with christmas items

Easy Christmas arrangement in a small pedestal bowl

Adding Bows Here and There Makes a Room Festive

simple ways to decorate with ribbon at Christmas

boxwood ball with christmas plaid ribbon in a laundry room

Small Decorations in Unexpected Places adds some Cheer

small christmas pot with green baubles on stove beside yellow pot

LOVE LOVE this Contained Way to Display Christmas Cards

Christmas card holder made from elegant fabric

It’s still nice getting cards in the mail. It’s so nice to see a hand addressed envelope with a real stamp and know that inside are good wishes. The Christmas card holder was something that one of our clients had. I don’t know where she got it, but I am hoping that I’ll stumble across one at a Craft Fair sometimes.

Keep it Fun and Include the Imperfect

So to wrap up Christmas Decorating 101, the most important thing to remember is to have FUN. Throw in those handmade items, those singing Christmas Bells and the not so perfect Ginger Bread House.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.50.51 AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.52.02 AM

fun santa cushion on chair in front of christmas tree

Wishing you happy and enjoyable decorating.

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