Why a Designer Driven Renovation is The Way to Go


We’re working on a few interesting projects right now. One is a refresh of a church foyer, which is a fun project because we’ve never done a church before. We have two homes that we are updating with paint, new lighting, wallpaper and reupholstering some pieces.


Another project on the go is a main floor update that includes getting rid of all the oak, especially in the kitchen to make it look current and fresh.


And lastly is our largest project, a renovation of a home that includes a brand new kitchen, a total gut of the ensuite, a redo of the fireplace, removal of popcorn ceilings and new furniture.

All our clients right now are smart – super smart. Why? Because they called us in BEFORE they started their projects.

Over the years, I’ve seen so many homeowners begin their renovations without using a designer. They start out thinking that it’s so easy and then part way into their project, they become overwhelmed trying to navigate colours and finishes. Or worse yet, they end up settling for a one-size-fits-all renovation.

putting together a look

So many choices

Designers realize that all whites aren’t created equal, every colour has an undertone, sometimes you have to splurge and sometimes you don’t. It’s for all these reasons that using a designer will actually save you money. Many designers (us included) are happy to do consults – meaning we don’t have to manage the entire job, but will assist where needed.

custom cabinetry

A place for everything

When you consult a designer, you will get not only a harmonized look, but more importantly, a space that functions for you.  It’s not just about putting in a new kitchen, it’s about having a place to store your large cookie sheet, or broom or your amazing spice collection or the dog’s water bowl. Designers ask questions and find beautiful solutions.

custom wall panelling opens to reveal an elegant bar

Look what’s hidden behind this wall

If you’re thinking about doing a renovation, make sure that you involve a designer.

Many design firms, including ours, work with trades and can handle the job from the initial design concept right through to the construction and final styling.

If you found a contractor who you would like to work with, ask if they have an in-house design team. If not, then I strongly suggest you hire a designer for at least a few hours of consultation right at the beginning of the project.

The end result will be a custom product designed for your lifestyle.

Quote by Steve Jobs on what design is.

If you would like to talk about a designer driven renovation, get in touch. We’d be happy to discuss working together so that your renovation meets all your needs.

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