The Philosophy of Truth Behind Interior Design

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During the last few months we’ve been updating and improving our website. Our portfolio pages have had a ‘coming soon’ sign on it for longer than I will publicly admit. Last year we worked on several large renovation projects and not one of these made it to our portfolio section, or even on the blog.

There was a complete interior and exterior renovation in Lake Bonavista, a main floor update with a brand new modern country kitchen in Priddis and several other substantial projects around the city.


elegant dining nook with custom bench and custom draperies

Well change is coming.

We’re getting our projects professionally photographed. Yes…much better than my iPhone camera. We have a great tech person on our team and she has loads of creative ideas for showcasing what we do. Our clients were over-the-moon happy with the way their new spaces improved their lifestyle, and in the next few weeks we’ll be sharing these photos.



This week I’ve been working on our design philosophy. Maybe it’s all the years I spent writing essays for my English degree, but it’s important for me to have the firm’s philosophy spelled out. Not only did we come up with a philosophy (copied below for you), but we’ve also listed 11 Design Truths that we know to be true. You can see those here.

Our Philosophy

Your home is more than just a dwelling. It’s a safe haven from the world. It’s where you gather, grow and make memories. It’s your relaxing place at the end of a hard day.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort or hide your treasures away. Rooms should be stylish, but most importantly, set up for the way you live. We believe in building your decor around high quality foundation pieces that will last a lifetime. We believe everything should have a place. And most importantly, we believe your home should have timeless appeal.

Finding the right look for each client is what we do. We create environments that are personalized and can be enjoyed for years to come. We call it ‘designing for real life’.

boy reading in brown leather chair enjoying the comforts of home

Take a peek through our website. Yes we do have a few things on our portfolio page for you to see, and very soon we’ll be adding more of the personalized spaces we’ve designed. If our philosophy fits yours, get in touch and together we make your home a beautiful, functional space to suit your lifestyle.

Don’t forget, we offer services that range from only a few hours of consulting to full scale renovations. We also have extensive and trusted suppliers and tradespeople.

Thanks so much for reading. Leave a comment below if you have a design philosophy or truth about home that you’d like to share. We love reading the emails you send and the comments you leave below and on Facebook.

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Karen Fron Interior Design is a Calgary based design firm. We believe that a well functioning and beautiful home makes life better. It's not about how much you have, it's about using what you have to create beauty.

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