Dental Office Gets Modern Update with Fresh Colour, Bold Wallpaper and Cheeky Artwork


Just like homes can use a little refresh now and then, we often get called into commercial spaces to do an update. Furniture gets worn, colours and accessories look dated, and the whole effect just isn’t cutting it.

We were called in to breathe some new life into a dental office waiting room. When working on a commercial space, it’s important to understand exactly how a space is used and address the function. It’s also important for us to provide a space that the staff feels comfortable in- after all they spend a lot of time there.

In our discussions, we found out that a lot of families visit the office. We also found out that the staff  liked the outdoors and wanted some of their photography to be displayed. Knowing this, we developed a look that was fun and fresh, while giving a nod to Canada. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a theme room, but rather a room that works in harmony.

First choice was wallpaper and we went with a classic. The linear lines of the trees suited the 10 foot walls. Being black and white meant we could bring in any colour. And of course, we liked the way the trees gave a subtle hint to the forests of our country.


Next up was to source some art for the walls. Debbie and I remembered that we had seen a line of greeting cards that was pure Canada, but in a fun and lively way. Searching the internet, we came upon the artist, Wendy Tancock. Her art is doodle-like and her subjects include poutine, Mr. Dressup, Muskoka chairs and Tommy Douglas.

Wendy Tancock Designs

We chose a few of her prints to include in the waiting room. We also added a few in the hallway and the vestibule. We liked the way she appeals to kids and adults. Perfect for a dental practice that gets both.

Waiting room with Woods wallpaper and Wendy Tancock double double wall art

Gallery art wall featuring Wendy Tancock print

The sofa comes from EQ3. We wanted a colour that would look bold against the black and white, but also feel warm. The leather is Classic- Sahara and the leg is onyx.

Reverie sofa from EQ3 in Classic-Sahara Leather with Woods wallpaper in background

For the coffee table, we went with EQ3’s Harvest Entryway Bench. It’s wide enough to hold magazines and strong enough to sit on.

EQ3 Harvest Bench

We wanted armchairs that were comfortable, yet had a sleekness to them. We found these chairs below at Structube. They have chromed metal legs and are covered in 100% polyester microfibre.

The wall sconces are actually outdoor fixtures, but we liked the way they complimented the trees. We often use outdoor lights inside.

Wall colour is PPG Sharkskin 514-5. It’s a very calming neutral, and has that beautiful balance of grey and beige (greige).

Down the hallway (not shown) we used Ikea Ribba frames to hold the nature photography that the staff brought in. The photos are great, and we think it’s a great way to have everyone feel connected to their workspace.

view of waiting room with EQ3 reverie sofa, Harvest Entry way bench and Structube Edison Armchair

We’re happy to report that staff and clients love the new space. Working in an environment that looks good, functions well and feels authentic is good for morale. Happy staff = happy clients, and in the end, that just makes good business sense.

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