Update on Our Classic Nursery and the Little Boy Who Loves His Room


The other day I received the nicest note from one of our clients. We first met this couple when they called us to help with their main living spaces and master bedroom.

About 18 months later, they called us again to do a nursery for their baby that was on the way.

You may remember the post called How to Create a Classic Nursery.


Last week the dad sent us some pictures of his son along with these kind words,

Hello Karen, Debra,

It’s been awhile but I wanted to drop an email to both of you.

I hope that things are going well for both of you.

We have been enjoying our home and our son  has been enjoying his nursery/room a lot!

Just wanted to thank the both of you for the great job you did on our home.


Little boy sitting in rocking chair in his nursery

We were so pleased to know that this little boy was happy in his room and liked to spend time there. When we design spaces, it’s more then making it pretty. We design for people and how they live.

I love this quote by Albert Hadley because it sums up everything we believe.


The baby that we were designing this room for is now a little boy.

You can tell from the pictures that he’s comfortable in his space. It has his toys, his books and his snuggly blankets. This room is his own special place in the world.

little boy playing in his nursery room decorated with Woods wallpaper from Cole and Sons





And really, there’s nothing nicer then knowing you are safe, warm and loved.

Check out the original post here for more pics of the nursery. And stay tuned, because there is a Part Two that’s coming soon!

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