Design Lesson Kitchen Edition




It’s time again to do a Design Lesson. If you need to see it to get it, then this post is tailor made just for you. I’ve written about undertones before, and how critical it is to get them right. This week I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

Overall the photo above appeals to me. It has a nice feel, effort went in to making it pretty and the styling is lovely. Wait for it…wait for it…here it comes…BUT there are a few things that are just off. Read on dear reader and you shall see what I mean.




DDAug4 copy


See there’s lots of good going on and if it wasn’t for the mismatched undertones, I would say they pretty much nailed the look. You’ll see too how these non-matching undertones are glaring at you.



When looking at colours, what you see at first glance is the mass tone of a colour. What’s less obvious is the undertone. You might not see it at all when looking at one piece of tile, or a paint chip (even a large one). But believe me, when the room is painted, the carpet is laid through the entire house, and the quartz counter installed YOU WILL SEE THE UNDERTONES. Colour schemes you thought were perfect, will feel jarring and wrong. And these are costly mistakes to fix. Admit it, now when you look at the pic above, you see what I’m talking about.

When you’re picking selections such as tile, flooring or paint, you want to make sure that they have the same undertones. A space just feels better this way.

And while we’re at it, here’s a couple of picky little things that could be improved in the kitchen. I wouldn’t have even mentioned these if I hadn’t gotten started on the undertone issue. Which, by the way,  is one of my big pet peeves.



So like the teacher I used to be (for a few years before I went back to my true calling), here is my report card on the kitchen above.


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