Summer Parties…How we do it at the lake

SummergatheringsDo you have a love/hate relationship going on with pinterest? It’s fun to look at, and we’d all love to have our parties, weddings, dinners, crafts…(fill in anything here)…look like that. Sometimes we even try, and then bang – real life gets in the way and pinterest perfect doesn’t show up.

For instance, if you’re having an outdoor barbeque and decide to invite 32 people. It doesn’t make for a perfect picture when you have 32 chairs crammed on the deck, and decide to use paper plates, not to mention plastic forks and knives. But heck, who has that many dishes anyways.

Point is, that even though we specialize in making homes look beautiful, us girls at Karen Fron Interior Design know that the most important thing in making a home is to use it for good times. It’s about being together, laughing, enjoying meals and appreciating each other.

Our motto has always been, Designing For Real Life.

The pictures below are some of the good times we’ve had this summer at the lake. There’s Canada Day at my sister-in-law’s, the annual beach party at the lake, a family bbq and stick ball game (don’t ask…the kids made it up).

Warning: The photos are not pinterest perfect, it’s just us enjoying good times and good food. Real life with some real life photos – that’s how we do it at Karen Fron Interior Design.

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Three of our favourite summer foods this year have been bbq pork loin, a tomato avocado salad and a kale salad. The kale salad is so easy – it’s one of those pre-made babies. Yup, it’s pre-made and it’s delicious. Someone once told me that’s its okay to buy ready-made and cut yourself some slack sometimes. And you know what – Debbie, you are right!!! Superstore, Costco and Metro carry this.


The Rosemary and Garlic Pork Loin was a recipe that my youngest searched up. We adapted it for the bbq and you need to know right now that I am one of those cooks that doesn’t follow a recipe, so I can never share amounts or cooking times. Here are the ingredients though,

Cloves of Garlic/ Dried Rosemary / Salt and Pepper / Olive Oil

Crush garlic and rosemary with a mortar and pestle. When paste like, drizzle in olive oil and add in salt and pepper. Make slits in the pork and press the garlic mixture into the openings. Rub meat with the remaining garlic mixture. We salt and peppered the loin too. Place on bbq and start off slowly. Delicious.

right way

The Tomato, Black Bean and Corn Salad was another recipe we found on line. Of course I adjusted the ingredients for the dressing and made it a bit spicier. But here’s the general idea for the dressing,

Lime Juice, Olive Oil, Minced Garlic, Salt & Pepper, Chile Powder, Frank’s Red Hot, Soy Sauce, Sugar, and Lemon Juice

And here’s what I put in it – 3 Cans of Black Beans, 4 diced Tomatoes, 10 green onions, 2.5 cups of corn kernels, 2 avocados, 2 bell peppers and 1 cup of fresh cilantro.

I’d love to hear from you, so drop us a line. Let us know your favourite summer eats and what gatherings you’ve hosted or been to.

You might have noticed that we’ve redesigned our website…just keeping up with the times. Thanks so much to Tami from Ripeda Consulting for all her hard work with the switch over. We still have a bit more design work to do, but now we are mobile friendly.

Happy Long Weekend everyone.

Karen Fron Interior Design is a Calgary based design firm. We believe that a well functioning and beautiful home makes life better. It's not about how much you have, it's about using what you have to create beauty.


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      Tami it is so good, you will love it. I made it quite a bit ahead of time but added in the tomatoes and avocados just before serving so they wouldn’t get too soggy.

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