Karen Fron

Caring and Personal Design with a Splash of Ingenuity

Karen Fron Interior Design | Calgary
Karen Fron, DID, B.A., B.Ed.

The use of space is so important to me. When I take rarely used rooms and turn them into a fully functional part of the home, it makes me love my job even more.


Karen started her design career 25 years ago and still believes that the most successful interior spaces bring people together. She is personally drawn to creating warm interiors with natural materials and an abundance of texture, while always understanding the reality of good design and family life.

Graduating with a Diploma of Interior Design, Karen then went on to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education Degree. After a two-year teaching contract in Toronto, Karen realized that designing was her passion. She moved back to Thunder Bay, Ontario and for many years ran a very successful home-decorating store. Both Karen and her husband were well known in the community for their work on behalf of the downtown business association.

With the arrival of her three boys, Karen stepped away from the store but continued her consulting work for both residential and commercial clients. She became a sought after public speaker, eagerly sharing her knowledge of interior design. For several years, Karen was a regular design commentator on CBC radio.

With a move out to Calgary and her boys all in school, Karen was able to establish her firm. She has formed strong relationships with craftspeople, artisans and skilled trade professionals.  She truly loves the collaboration process that allows for the creation of one of a kind spaces and furnishings.

Karen is known for her personal approach to design and her genuine customer service. She has earned the respect and loyalty of clients who appreciate the firm’s commitment to listening well, timeless design and being there for all stages of the process. Karen’s love of family, art and the outdoors inspires her work.

Debra Blake

Keen eye for Detail and Love of Colour

Debra Blake

My favourite part of the design process is styling day. It gives me such a great feeling to arrange people’s collections and show off their story.


Debbie started her career in fashion retail and transitioned to home design. For many years she worked at Calgary’s premier home staging company  honing her styling skills. She then branched out and started her own decorating business specializing in custom furnishings and window coverings. Several years ago, Debbie and Karen worked on a project together and they’ve been collaborating ever since.

Debbie takes great pride in creating a pleasing home environment that feels right for each client. She has become an expert at sourcing beautiful  furnishings and interesting accessories. Unlike many designers who are known for a specific look, Debbie is fluent in many styles. With her keen eye for detail and love of colour, she is able to create stunning interiors that are supremely functional.

For the last ten years, Debbie has resided in Calgary. Prior to that, she lived in many cities throughout Canada and the United States with her husband and three children. She enjoys creating gourmet meals, watching movies and good conversation.


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