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Design Savvy Package

A crash course in design, delivered in your home, tailored exactly to your needs.


What is the Design Savvy Package?

Sometimes it takes a professional eye to help figure out design dilemmas. Rather then spending hours agonizing over paint colours, kitchen selections or even how to arrange furniture and hang art, let us help.

We offer a three-hour onsite meeting to provide you with a professional opinion and concrete direction to carry your project forward.

The Design Savvy Package is a great way to get all the tips and tricks of the Karen Fron Design Team and still be your own decorator. There’s loads of value at one set fee.

We’ll call you and find out more about your space and how you plan to use it. You’ll tell us about what you like. Then we will give you a list of photographs to take and send through email so that we can start building a plan for your space.

The photographs that you provided will be reviewed to give us a sense of what pieces you have and the scale of the space .

When we visit your home or office, we will come prepared with the tools we need to develop a specific plan with potential layouts, materials and decades of design intuition.

You’ll be able to review a selected collection of designer-only samples that home improvement stores don’t have access to.

The end result of your Design Savvy package is a practical and specific plan to give your space a transformative makeover. You can follow through with the plan on your own, or hire us to complete the work. Either way, you won’t believe that this space is your place.


Design Savvy Packages make excellent gifts!

Treat your loved ones to a consultation with a professional interior design team. It’s unique and unexpected, no pressure and lots of fun. It’s the perfect gift for that special someone who craves a functional and beautiful space.

Before & After

Please enjoy a few examples of how the execution of a Karen Fron Design Savvy Package solution transforms a space.

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