Calgary Interior Design | Meet the Team | Karen Fron

Three interior designers portrait in front of a fireplace.

Meet the Team

Our team is a team of artisans. We are passionate about what we do. But we always remember to have fun doing it. When we work together, our goal is to make sure that you end up with a space that is uniquely your own.

Interior designer in a blue pantsuit inspects a lighting system during a living room remodel.

We craft beautiful spaces

Debbie’s speciality is styling. She loves telling stories with cherished treasures and putting memories out in the open where they can be enjoyed.

A professional organizer works on a kitchen drawer to organize the contents.

Our spaces fit your life

Les can see where things fit. She thoughtfully reasons through how things will be used and makes sure they are right at hand when needed.

Interior designer critically reviewing her work in a new installation about to be returned to the homeowners.
Craftsman preparing for construction work by carefully covering hardwood floors in a home.
Man repairing a wooden floor with a power tool.
Formal portrait of a professional interior design and full-service renovations team with a design driven philosophy in Calgary Alberta.

We deliver quality renovations

From top to bottom, our craftsmen leave no detail undone. Nothing in your home will be common or just good enough. We are each, in turn, dedicated to our crafts.