Do White Right

White is hard to get right. It’s funny that such a basic colour can be so difficult. But it’s those sneaky undertones again. They can change the way the paint looks on the wall. If it’s too grey, it can feel cold. If the white has too much yellow, it could come across as dusty looking.

When done properly, white is great for trim, ceilings and walls. If you have fixed white surfaces in your home, such as cabinets or tiles, then you must match this undertone for trim. It is possible to put several whites together, but they must have the same undertone.

So as you see, white is not white. It depends on the undertones and how much natural light a room receives. It’s also really important to have your decor relate to the white walls, otherwise, no matter what white is chosen, it will just seem out of place. The most important tip I can give you, is to always test your colour on the wall. Paint a bristol board and live with the colour for a few days. Make sure that the undertone in the white isn’t working against you.