Gorgeous Greys.

Grey is it..it’s the real deal. Grey is everywhere in home decor and has become the new favourite wall colour.

The last few years grey has tended to be on the fresh, cool side. For 2014, we’re seeing colours warm up again and grey is heading this way too. This is good for people that hear the word grey and immediately think cold and serious.

What’s so great about grey is that it doesn’t mind not being the star. Grey is the strong, silent type. It’s the colour that let’s others have the spotlight and does everything to make them look good. When you walk into a well decorated room with grey walls, you notice how great the room is and maybe how beautiful the sofa or floors are, and only then do you notice the wall colour.

Grey is a neutral or achromatic colour. It’s made from black and white. Adding red or yellow makes grey warm, while the addition of blue to the black and white will cool the grey down.



Blue, green and violet are the three visible undertones to grey. Blue greys tend to read cooler than the green greys. When grey has a violet undertone, it can look pink on a wall. I tend not to use these greys too often for wall colour unless working with an existing tile or counter that has pinky/purple undertones. Then it will look grey on the walls and blend with the existing surfaces.

Since we spec grey paint colours so often, I’ve included a few of our favourites. No matter how sure of a colour you think you are, test first. Grey is not an easy colour to choose. Never make a commitment from a teeny tiny paint swatch. If you don’t have at least an 8×10 sample chip, then buy a tester and put it on the walls. Don’t get fooled by the undertones.

Since trend forecasters are predicting a few more years of grey, don’t be afraid to embrace this colour. Check out more images of gorgeous greys in home decor on our pinterest page.