White or Wood? What’s the Most Timeless Choice for Kitchen Cabinets?

White or Wood? What’s the Most Timeless Choice for Kitchen Cabinets?

Hands down the best cabinet choice for a timeless kitchen is white. White kitchens simply don’t go out of style. I have been in so many kitchens over the years that it’s easy to tell the era of a home from the wood selection. It’s not only the type of wood used that dates it, but also the colour of the stain. 

Who can forget these beauties from the late 80’s / early 90’s? If these are the cabinets in your home right now and a full renovation is not happening for a while, then you have to paint them a beautiful warm white colour.  To see a few of our kitchen renovations with painted oak cabinets check out  A $500 Kitchen Remodel and See What a Can of Paint Can Do. 

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, white and off-white kitchens are the preferred colour choice. So it makes sense that white is the most marketable colour for kitchen resale. 

I’ve been thinking about timeless kitchens a lot lately. We’re in the middle of a kitchen renovation right now and we’ve been asked for a look that will last a long time. The best choice I can recommend are shaker style cabinets done in a warm white. That’s not to say that other choices aren’t beautiful. They are. As a matter of fact, wood kitchens are trending strong right now. And they’re beautiful. Rift-sawn white oak cabinets are being used in sleek and modern kitchens. The look is stunning as it results in a distinctive straight, tight-grained look. They’re contemporary but also very warm and inviting. As you can see, it’s definitely not the same oak that was used in the 80’s.

Another look that’s very popular right now is a sleek high gloss cabinetry. According to Greg our Calgary cabinet manufacturer, the high gloss look has really taken off in the last 18 months. It’s definitely something that young professionals are all over. This too is a beautiful look. 

Greg and I were chatting the other day and since he’s made thousands of kitchen cabinets over the decades they’ve been in business, he too feels that white shaker style cabinets are the most timeless choice. They are a basic look, but the beauty of them lies in the fact that with the right hardware, counter, backsplash and faucet, they can look so different.

Some of you may be thinking that white shaker cabinets are safe and boring…and yes maybe they are. But remember, safe and boring often equals timeless. As sexy as the latest kitchens seem, history has shown that those will look dated long before a safe white kitchen. Those of you old enough to remember the avocado and harvest gold appliances will also remember how those cool and hip colours turned bad real fast.

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen, give us a call. We work with wonderful custom cabinet manufacturers located in Calgary. Their workmanship and pricing are excellent. They also bring to life our designs for closets, vanities, custom furniture and barn doors…but that’s a post for another day