You Have to See This Fabulous Kitchen Makeover

The home was perfect in almost every way. Location was great, good sized yard, bungalow with just enough bedrooms, and a newly built sunroom. But for someone who loves to cook, the kitchen was a disappointment. A huge disappointment…it was really small and horribly outdated. While outdated can be fixed, it was the small that was worrisome.


After considering several options, it was decided to work within the space of the existing kitchen. There would be no knocking out walls and making a large chef’s kitchen. There would be no island, no separate prep area, no pastry counter, all the things that this hobby chef dreamed of.

With every renovation there’s give and take, and for a while this reno seemed more give. What helped get over the disappointment and allowed us to move forward, was to think of the renovation in very basic terms. What was most necessary, and who would be using the space.

Two ovens were a must, as well as keeping the large window to the sunroom. Also very important was an upgrade of the appliances. Cabinet space was sacrificed to gain a wall oven. Because the space was so small, an all white kitchen was chosen to give the illusion of roominess. Cabinets, counter and backsplash all blend seamlessly. Bulkhead was painted dark to provide some contrast.

When it came time to select the floor we wanted something that would be seamless. We also had to consider that this cook will sometimes spend up to 14 hours at a time cooking! For these reasons, Marmoleum was the preferred choice.

Upper cabinets weren’t used over the counter beside the sink. Visually this opens up the space and provides an excellent pastry area. In future, reclaimed wooden shelves could be added to hold jars of flour and baking supplies. The sink is extra deep to handle big clean-ups. Cabinets were designed to accommodate this cooks favourite pots, pans and spices.

We’re happy to say that the kitchen is functioning very well for these homeowners. Though it may be a small space, there’s room for lots of big flavour.