Getting Creative When it Comes to Toss Cushions


Toss cushions are the most important accessory you can have in a room. They can be the saviour of a ho-hum sofa. We always advise our clients to save some budget for a few high end cushions as they will elevate the space.

If I had to choose between a mid grade sofa with beautiful high end toss cushions, or a high end sofa with no cushions, you know what I’d choose.


We have cushions on our mind because this week we’ve been hunting for unique fabrics, trims and vintage buttons.

Like we always say, it’s all in the details. We’re happy to see so many of the fabric companies coming out with some really spectacular trim collections.


There seems to be a trend toward handcrafted quality.

We came across these beauties and loved the hand crafted detail. I’ve always been a fan of needlework and like the idea of creating embroidered cushions.


You can buy fabric that looks like it was handcrafted, but I say that it’s better to have the real thing. If you never learned any needle arts, then raid grandma or great aunt’s linen  closet.

Or visit antique markets or estate sales. A few years ago people couldn’t even give away their doilies, crocheted blankets and needlepoint.


Now it’s being bought up and appreciated. Look at the work in the piece below. Imagine a cushion made out of this. It’s simply stunning.


We’re seeing a lot of cushions that have been hand painted or even full of graffiti.

Textile designer Natalie Gerber has studied all over the world, including at the Alberta College of Art and Design. She hand prints her fabrics and is influenced by her South African background.

Any one of these fabrics would bring a boring sofa to life.


If brights are your thing, then go wild.

These wools have the most intense colours and look so good when colours and patterns are mixed.



There’s no limit to the creativity and one-of-a-kind pieces that can be created.


We found these vintage buttons at our favourite antique store. It’s easy to spend hours looking at buttons as each one is like a mini work of art.


Adding a metal button to the centre of a cushion really brings it all together.

bttonsBut who says it has to be a button? We’re all for using pretty broaches, cameos, and even earrings.





When it comes to toss cushions, be bold and don’t shy away from being original.

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