Who is Wu and McHugh?

Miki Wu and John McHugh pose in their store

There’s a new store in town and I can’t wait to tell you about it. I found it first on Instagram where I saw the most beautiful photos of Chinese antique furniture and decor.

The photos on Instagram showed pieces that weren’t in pristine restored condition. Many had been repaired and rejigged. These were pieces that had a beautiful patina and were worn in all the right places.

Wu and McHugh Chinese Antique Furniture and Decor

 I was so taken with the pieces that I phoned up the store and wanted to know more.

So who is Wu and McHugh, you ask? Well let me introduce you to Miki Wu and John McHugh, owners of Wu and McHugh, the most wonderful shop filled with Chinese antique furniture and decor.

Wu and McHugh Antique Chinese Furniture and Decor

Miki is originally from Shandong province, China, and she met John at a Halloween party in 2006, in Beijing, where he had been working. They shared a love of travel, old Chinese furniture and eventually each other. When their son came along, they decided to return to John’s part of the world and create a home in Calgary.

After setting up house, their friends kept asking where their unique furnishings came from. It was then that they decided to share their passion with others.

Wu and McHugh Chinese Antique Furniture and Decor

‘We love this stuff’ is what John McHugh says only minutes after I wondered into their store. He gives Miki all the credit for selecting the pieces and having the flair to put it all together.

But it’s obvious that John has an eye as well. He is quick to point out some of the beauties they have and his enthusiasm is contagious. John explains that they offer pieces from the late Qing era (1840-1911). John calls these pieces ‘the People’s Furniture’.

And it’s John who gets so excited when he discusses mixing Antique Chinese pieces with contemporary design. We had a passionate discussion about the merits of having antique pieces and how they bring depth and energy to a home.

Wu and McHugh Chinese Antique Furniture and Decor

Wu and McHugh Chinese Antique Furniture and Decor

Several times a year they travel to China to hand select the pieces they bring back. Miki just returned from her latest trip a few weeks ago and has found some beautiful pieces.

She assured me that she has a good selection of baskets on the way, which is good. Anyone that knows me, knows I have a weakness for all types of baskets.





One of the things I like best about Wu and McHugh is their passion.

They truly want to introduce Chinese Culture to Calgary. They plan on having a speaker series in the new year touching on the varied topics of  Chinese Traditional Handicrafts, Feng Shui and Food & Cooking. 

You can keep up with their events by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

Wu and McHugh Chinese Antique Furniture and Accessories

Years ago, everyone wanted new and shiny furnishings in their home. It was the age of consumerism and very few people were coveting furniture that had a past life.

Thankfully this has changed. I see more and more people wanting to fill their homes with unique pieces.  Pieces that have a history and have stood the test of time.


Wu and McHugh offers us a chance to have a piece of history in our homes. They’ve done an excellent job of stocking pieces in all price ranges.

Not only do they offer large furniture, but they have a wonderful selection of small items that make excellent Christmas gifts.





If you need to pick up a special gift or some stocking stuffers, I suggest you head directly to Wu and McHugh. And take a good look around, because I know in January when you have the urge to change things up a bit, Wu and McHugh will have that special piece to spice up your space.

Here’s all their details:

Unit 3, 9727 Horton Rd SW, Calgary, AB T2V 2X5 Tel: 403-475-8814

OPENING HOURS: TUE. – SAT. 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

HOLIDAY HOURS: Closed Dec 23 – 27, 2016

Photo Credits: Karen Fron Interior Design and Miki Wu.

Karen Fron Interior Design is a Calgary based design firm. We believe that a well functioning and beautiful home makes life better. It's not about how much you have, it's about using what you have to create beauty.


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