A young Mick Jagger Stand s in front of queen of spain Wallpaper (schumacher) in the 1960's and a recent dining room done in the same paper

Bring your Home to the Next Level with Schumacher Fabrics

A young Mick Jagger Stand s in front of queen of spain Wallpaper (schumacher) in the 1960's and a recent dining room done in the same paper

What do Mick Jagger, Jackie Kennedy, Vivian Leigh and Frank Lloyd Wright all have in common? If you guessed that they’ve all decorated with Schumacher wallpapers and fabrics, you’re right!


The Schumacher line is known for their cutting edge ways and we consider them ‘classic –  with a twist’. When starting a project for a new client, we always look to Schumacher first. Their use of colour, texture and pattern is magic.

mick jagger

In Calgary, the Schumacher line is carried at Stewart Drummond Studios. They do a wonderful job displaying the line and both Audrey and Shelley know how fantastic the many prints go together. Shelley has said that the more you work with Schumacher, the more there is to love about this brand.

Stewart Drummond Studios Fabric showroom with Audrey and Shelley looking over the latest Schumacher collection

Schumacher has a long history of being ahead of the curve. It was 1889 when Frederic Schumacher came to New York from Paris.  He opened a design house and was the first to import exquisite European fabrics to the American market. It wasn’t long before he started producing luxury fabrics in American mills.

sampling of Schumacher fabricsIt was the Gilded Age in America and Schumacher quickly gained a very discerning clientele. Their fabrics were being used in private manses as well as showing up in opulent properties like the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel.

1899 view of the iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York

Schumacher is a company with a lot of design firsts. Their 1930 debut of fashion designer Paul Poiret’s collection was groundbreaking. Not only did it showcase Poiret’s flair with colour and his exuberant designs, but he was the first designer to do a full fabric collection.

Paul Poiret's fabric collection for Schumacher

In 1933, Schumacher became the first major textile house in North America to embrace the Art Deco style with their classic design, Les Gazelles Aux Bois.


There were also other historic firsts for Schumacher. 1939’s Gone with the Wind, featured the Hydrangea Drape wallpaper pattern, which is still in production today. To support the American war effort, Schumacher produced textiles for parachutes and life preserves.

Jackie Kennedy shows off the classic Schumacher Lampas wallpaper in her 1962 tour of the newly renovated White House

In 1962, Jackie Kennedy appeared on television with a tour of the newly decorated White House. The Blue Room featured a Schumacher wallpaper.

Mary Mcdonald's blue collection for Schumacher

In case you’re thinking their long history makes Schumacher boring and outdated, think again. They’re as cutting edge as ever. Today Schumacher has joined forces with leading designers like Miles Redd, Martyn Lawrence Bullard and Mary Mcdonald to create some simply stunning patterns in wallpaper and fabric.

Miles Redd for Schumacher

Martyn Lawrence Bullard for Schumacher

There’s a reason why Schumacher keeps showing up throughout the years. They are an extraordinary company and have always produced style-setting products. As well, the F.Schumacher company has been family owned for five generations, which I think has allowed them to consistently be industry leaders.

bedroom designed with Martyn Lawrence Bullard fabric Collection for Schumacher


As you can tell, I’m a fabric junkie. Mixing the right fabrics in a room brings it to the next level. We think every home needs beautiful fabrics.  Whether it’s a sofa, draperies or even a toss cushion, Schumacher fabrics are magic and elevate any room.

Images 2,3,4 and 5  Karen Fron Interior Design / All others from F.SCHUMACHER.COM

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