Custom Draperies are a Designer’s Secret to Elevate any Room


Let’s face it, there are really only two reasons for having window coverings. One is for privacy and the other is for beauty and we all know that privacy isn’t as important as beauty. There is nothing, I repeat nothing, as stunning as walking into a room with perfect window coverings. The only way to get this level of perfection is to go custom.

Beautiful window treatments will enhance the decor in a whole room and tie it all together like nothing else can. You’ve heard me go on and on about decorator cushions, and yes cushions are like little jewels in a room, but it’s the window coverings that take a room from nice to stunning.

With custom draperies, the fabric choices are unlimited. We have access to Designer Only Showrooms like Stewart Drummond Studios, and they carry the best fabric from all over the world.



When you order custom, you are getting something hand created just for you. It’s like commissioning a piece of art. Our draperies are made right here in Calgary in the workroom at Stewart Drummond Studios. These lovely ladies are the ones stitching and fussing over all the little details to make sure your draperies are perfect.

seamstresses sewing custom draperies in workroom

seamstress putting clips on custom draperies in workroom

final touches being put on custom draperies in workroom

There’s a lot of love that goes into making custom draperies. They’re made to fit your window exactly and created to enhance the space perfectly. There’s a reason that they cost more then buying ready made panels.

There are so many details that can be considered when having custom draperies made. Picking the fabric is the first step. There’s also pleat style, hardware type, which type of break (how the bottoms hit the floor), fixed vs fully closing, how they look from the outside of the home, which type of lining and whether you need remote control closing. Yes it’s true, draperies can open and close with the touch of a button. Men seem to really love this feature and I’ve seen more then one guy get on board knowing he can have another remote for his collection.

I’ve had a few clients say to me that they’re not sure they want to invest in custom drapery in case they get bored of it in a few years. If you choose wisely then you will not get bored of them because they will look so beautiful and function so well. There are some things that don’t need to be changed all the time, and in the end, beautiful custom draperies can be cost effective.

spools of thread in drapery workroom

If you feel your room needs something to elevate it from ordinary to stunning, consider custom draperies. Designers know that window coverings are the secret to giving a room a high end look.


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