How to Create a Classic Nursery

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We love babies. And we love children. We love the good things like little toes, cooing noises and that sweet after bath delicious smell. We also appreciate the hard times. Those moments that aren’t easy but are important learning lessons for child and parent. One thing we learned along the way is that kids are smart. And really creative. And they will rise up to meet expectations.

What’s this got to do with decorating a nursery you say? A lot actually. We believe that a nursery shouldn’t be too babyish. That’s right – a baby’s room shouldn’t be too babyish. It should be sweet, and clever, and inspiring. It also shouldn’t have to be redone in a year or two when baby becomes toddler and then little person. That’s just a waste of money. We all know that Karen Fron Interior Design hates to waste money. Spend it on quality – yes. Save it where you can – double yes.


We were lucky to work with a couple who shared our philosophy. This is their first child so they wanted a room that would suit a girl or a boy, and could either grow with this child or maybe be used for baby #2. They wanted a few quality pieces, and were fine with mixing the high and low.

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We found a beautiful persian rug and that was the inspiration for the room. This is a piece that will last for a lifetime. A good investment for sure. It is classic and edgy at the same time.

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Next came the wallpaper. We loved the black and white trees for the possibilities it offered. It’s an enchanted forest where the princess lives…it’s the secret passage way to find the Wild Things. It’s child-like and grown up at the same time. Creative types can even take a cue from the papers above and create decals to personalize their paper.

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The happy parents-to-be wanted a rocking chair in the room. We chose this custom made rocker in a soft cozy fabric. This was another investment piece. Eventually it will be used in the tv room to replace one of the chairs there. That’s what happens when you buy quality and have a long term plan. Maybe you put out a little more up front, but you get your money’s worth in the long term. Plus it’s pretty great looking and so comfortable. Wonder if daddy or baby will fall asleep first?

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It was time for art. It had to be cute, clever and not a Disney commercial. There’s nothing wrong with classic Disney but I have a real problem with making children’s rooms into an advertisement for the latest animated movie. Yuck. Kids deserve more breathing and thinking space than that.

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Accent pieces were added, feather-filled cushions that will be tossed on the floor,  jumped on and used for forts. A toy chest for secret treasures and a basket; great for the those quick toss-it-in-the-basket clean-ups.


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Walls were painted a warm white to match the wallpaper. The space is calm and soothing, yet has lots of interest. A few red accents pick up on the persian rug and provide a bit of colour.

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No nursery would be complete without books. If you want to raise a reader, then books need to be around and easily accessible. Own the classics and go to the library for the rest. Once baby is a little older, keep baskets of books in every room and reading together every day will be easy.


We’re excited for baby to see their space. We send out best wishes to this couple as they enter the world of parenthood. Years ago when my first son was born, someone wrote this quote in my card…I don’t know the author, but I want to leave you with these beautiful words,

Childhood is the world where ‘make-believe’ lives and dreams can be kept in a jar;

where time falls asleep to carousel music and lullabies drift down a moonlit sea.

Walk, don’t run, through this magical place, for in the blink of an eye and without a sound,

it will disappear into the years.

Take from its’ joy and welcome to its’ wonder, wee one.