See all the Details That Went into This Kitchen Renovation

white kitchen with rift sawn white oak island Today’s post is all about the planning and custom touches that went into designing the kitchen above. Not only does it look beautiful, it functions perfectly for the homeowners and the way they live. If you missed the blog I wrote with the before and after photos of the kitchen, check it out here. When we design spaces, we approach it by addressing function first. If you’re working with a designer, except to be bombarded with questions like, ‘how many cook at one time?‘ and ‘where do you like to stand when chopping?‘ and ‘what staples do you like to keep in canisters on the counter?‘. 29380937833_f0fa379e5b_k Plus you can expect that your largest cookie sheet will get measured and that there will be several discussions on how often you use your small appliances and the most convenient place to store everything. If you’re getting a custom kitchen, then it should be custom all the way. That means it needs to be designed for the way you live. 29105993081_65015bb6ac_k After dissecting lifestyle, then it’s time to lay out the kitchen on paper. If the designer has listened well, then first set of drawings should be pretty close to what the client wants. I always expect some little tweaks and work with the client to make it perfect, but for the most part, we stay pretty close to the first set of drawings. Warning…If the first set of drawings you get are way off base, then maybe your designer or contractor didn’t ask enough questions and listen to your answers. This should be a red flag to you. 28888240466_0978b75357_k The difference between using a designer for your space and just getting the cabinet maker to draw up some  plans, is that the designer considers the space as a whole. We can see how the space will function, what colour the counter will be, as well as how it will look when the furniture is in and it’s all styled. split When I walk into a space like the above before photo, I can pretty well visualize it completed and looking just like the bottom photo. Sure all the details have to be worked out, but I have the overall feeling in my head and know what I need to bring it to life. checking undertones in furniture compared to backsplash And then there’s the matter of all the details and customizing it so that cooking is a joy in the new space. Maybe because we spend so much time in our kitchens, we love to put in little features that keep everything organized, looking beautiful and that just plain make sense. 29149633956_e0935dcdb4_k 29183265825_a6f88b9826_k 31239582970_02b544937c_k 28895462740_7735b0ab5a_k 31612564345_56e425a433_k 31496547121_27dd7945fd_k Do you like the two stools below? We choose these because they tuck underneath quite nicely and don’t add a lot of bulk to the space. But the other nice thing about these stools is that they can be lowered to table height. If more seating is needed at meal time, then these can easily be brought up to the table. 29894385842_42abbd9d92_k 30558425781_aaeefbc0eb_k-3 If you’re thinking of doing a kitchen renovation in the New Year, get in touch with us. We’d love to give you a fully custom kitchen that suits your lifestyle. Check out these Related Posts for additional kitchen ideas. Modern Country Kitchen Luxe Kitchen Remodel Design Lesson Kitchen Edition